We need your help!

Hi Folks,
We are always looking for help in this tough music business. Anything you can do to get the word out would be much appreciated.
Please spread the word locally.

- Send people to our website which is the center of all things Voodoo. 

- Come and see us whenever you can

- promote us to your local venues

- promote us to play any house parties who are looking for live entertainment.

- Keep us updated by email! We love to know what's going on!

- Become a fan, follower and friend on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace and our website mailing list

- Upload your pictures & videos from shows and tag Ron Burke, Russell Broom  in the pictures.

- Post comments on walls, including your own, to help get the word out about upcoming shows

- Always let people know that there our music is free on our website

Send us your thoughts and ideas!